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As we approach the end of the school year, we wanted to share and celebrate some exciting news with you.  An impressive number of our seniors received recognition from the State of RI as well as the Town of Johnston for their ability to speak a second language. 
All of these students appreciate the importance of knowing more than one language in this world. We offer congratulations to them and know their gifts of multilingualism will open many opportunities for them in the future.  
A special note of thanks to Emilia Ruggiero for her dedication to helping these students attain this distinction.  
Ava Palma (JPS Biliteracy Award-Italian), Julia Droukas (JPS Biliteracy Award- Spanish), Mohammed Abaherah (JPS Biliteracy Award-Spanish), Nicholas Harrington (JPS Biliteracy Award- Spanish) Emilia Ruggiero, World Languages Department Chair
Left to right: Emilia Ruggiero, World Languages Department Chair, Alexander Quesada,(Silver-Spanish), Joshua Ramos-Ortiz, (Silver-Spanish), Jennelle Fernandez (Silver-Spanish), Gezzelle Fernandez (Silver-Spanish), Rachel Ixcotoyac (JPS Biliteracy Award-Spanish), Mr. Brian Bordieri (Assistant Principal), Abigail Andres (JPS Biliteracy Award-Spanish), Kathleen DeLeon (JPS Biliteracy Award-Spanish), Yaneishka Ortiz (JPS Biliteracy Award-Spanish)Victor Fragoso (Silver-Spanish), Christian Young (ELL teacher)
Even our earliest learners participate.
Carla Caliri and the MLL students at the ECC participated in the MLL Advisory Board's 2022 Virtual Gallery Walk. These students shared what is special about their cultures and their bilingual abilities.  
Please take some time to view the students' beautiful pieces here and "like" their posts.  The classroom with the most likes wins a $50 award for classroom supplies!