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Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Johnston School Community

I have had the pleasure of working side by side with so many town officers, school administrators, teachers, staff members, families, and students in the Johnston Public Schools for the past seventeen years. My wife and I have lived in Johnston for thirty five years and our daughter attended Johnston Schools. Our community is one that is focused on what's best for children as evidenced through the many services the town offers them including our public school system. Johnston has its own identity and there is a sense of pride from Johnstonians that we also instill in our children. 

We are excited to begin this new chapter in Johnston Schools which includes new and updated facilities for all. Our focus has been on providing the instruction and services all students require and now with the major facilities updates supported by all of you, they will have an up to date, comfortable environment to learn in. Our schools provide a place where students can succeed academically, socially, athletically, artistically, and professionally. Our vision for our schools is to deliver quality teaching and learning practices, which promote effective communication through speaking and writing, collaborative and purposeful problem-solving, academic achievement, community involvement, and critical thinking skills in a safe, supportive learning environment. Our vision of a Johnston Public School graduate is that they will become self directed learners, effective communicators, informed thinkers, healthy beings, and global citizens.

As a school system, we must focus on preparing our students for college, work, and life beyond.  We continue to improve our offerings through high quality instruction and materials that support students in their learning. We examine student outcomes, identify gaps in learning and seek to improve instruction and support that meet the needs of all students. It has been my honor to work in Johnston Public Schools and to watch so many of our children grow, succeed and become the leaders of our future. I look forward to our continued work together in the 2022-2023 school year and in the years to come.

Bernard DiLullo, Jr., Superintendent