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One to One Plus - Trouble Ticketing System

Starting on Monday, October 24th, 2022, the technology team will begin utilizing a new help desk system to handle some of the trouble tickets that are generated daily.   
The new software is called One to One Plus, and we will be doing a soft rollout that will initially be limiting the program to 3 types of tickets; Password Resets, Chromebook Repairs, and for front office staff, a Request Student Chromebook ticket, which will allow Principals and Building Clerks to request student Chromebooks as new students enroll to their school.  
Access the One to One Plus program using this link or by clicking the One to One + button on the right. 
From the One to One Plus website, use the Sign in with Google button to log in using your district Google account.  Once you have logged in you will click on the Submit Ticket button that best describes your issue/need. Then complete all of the available fields, and click the Save button to submit the ticket. 
Please provide a thorough description of your reason for entering a ticket, as this will assist our tech team in resolving the issue. As tickets are submitted, the requests will be routed to the appropriate person within the department which should help us to respond in a timely manner. 

We will be continuing to grow the ticketing system within One to One Plus as the school year progresses and will update you as additional trouble tickets become available.
Thank you!