First Student Bus Company

20 Green Earth Way
Johnston, RI  02919
Phone: (401) 944-5880
Fax: (401) 944-9988
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat - Sun

Eligibility Distance requirements as set by School Committee Policy:
Elementary Schools, 1/2 mile: Middle School, 1 mile; High School, 1 1/2 miles

Please have your child ready and waiting at the assigned Bus Stop 10 minutes before the expected arrival time. Requests for alternative stops must be submitted to, and approved by, the School Department. Alternative stops will only be allowed to the same location for all 5 days of the week.  Stops and times are subject to change.

School Bus Safety Tips

2017-2018 Bus Routes and Stops

**Any student having a previous doctor's note or other important information such as authorized 
consent to pick up a child if the parent is unable should be resubmitted to the bus company and transportation department.

Problems and/or concerns about bus routes should be directed to First Student for immediate resolve.


Johnston Bus Schedule
The stops listed are the pick-up AND drop-off times. Any questions, please call First Student (

There are changes throughout the year, adding and removing stops, traffic patterns, ridership, etc. The changes tend to start slowing down in another week or two. By next week, the drivers stop going to empty stops so the times change again by a few minutes. Be ready 10 minutes or so before the computer generated time and the bus could be up to 20 minutes later due to bus loading at the school, traffic, another parent isn’t home at another stop, etc.

Google Maps Engine

Transportation Maps/Bus Routes for each school. Click on the appropriate link for your child's school.





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