7 Waveland Street   •  Johnston, RI 02919
Phone 401-831-2653 

Director of Technology
George Paquette
401-233-1900 Ext. 2440

Network Manager
Paul Bzowski 
401-831-2653  Ext. 2322
Technology Curriculum Coordinator
Lighthouse Classroom-Elementary

Print Center Clerks
Sue Adler and Donna Greco
401-831-2653  Ext. 2339 / 2338

Accounting and Technology Clerk
Linda Bock
401-233-1900 Ext. 2421

Data Clerk
401-233-1900  Ext. 2440
Brandon Carvalho
401-233-1930 Ext. 2709



Tech Word of the Day - Digerati

Digerati is a slang term used to refer to individuals who are the “digital elite” (movers and shakers in the tech industry) or who are extremely knowledgeable about computers.
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