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Connecting your Mac to Apple Talk TV Top of Page

The tech department has noticed several issues individuals have with the Apple Talk (Hockey puck) devices.
If you are unable to connect consider
Unplugging the device and shutting down your computer. (Then count to ten no foollin so there is residual electricity housed in the capacitors of the power section of the devices)
Plug the puck back in then restart your device 
Note your device must be connecting to the internet.
I your device does not connect move to an alternate location to pick up a different signal for another WIFI
access unit.
When you are connected to the internet  select  the airplay device you want to connect using the icon at the top of the screen to connect to the  puck like device. It has a down arrow
If the device does not display then you may  need to upgrade your mac IOS
Links for  self help:  
If you are still having problems contact Ed Pisotcco - Ferri  Brandon or Paul other locations
and/or put in a help desk ticket

How to Check if Your Password Has Been StolenTop of Page

This is a great site to use to check whether your email address or your password has been hacked.

Have I Been Pwned?


How Does the Internet Work?Top of Page

World Map
Everyone’s talking about the internet and whether, or how, it should be regulated. But not enough people know how the internet actually works—or what exactly the internet is. Click here to find out the fascinating work of the Internet!

How to Convert a PDF File Into an Editable Text DocumentTop of Page

Boy with glasses How to geek logo
How - to - Geek tells us how

Back Up - Back Up - Back UpTop of Page

Your Computer Doesn’t Care If You Lose Everything - Back It Up Right Now!

Google Drive


All employees and staff of Johnston Public Schools are strongly encouraged to periodically back up any and all files that are stored on their school issued device. 

Johnston Public Schools recommends that each individual utilize his or her Google Drive.  Alternative methods are also beneficial (USB Drive, other cloud storage applications, etc.…).

Johnston Public Schools is not liable for any employee or staff data that gets lost, deleted or damaged for whatever reason and JPS is not responsible to backup user data. Each person is fully responsible for his or her data. 

All web based applications (Aspen, Keystone, RIDE, etc.…) are maintained and secured by the individual software vendor and are not included in our backup plan and are not a concern within each person’s backup schedule.


Not sure how to back up to your Google Drive? Click HERE to see!!!!






Google Apps vs Office 365: Top of Page

Fun reading and pretty bar graphs:
Buildings with Google

Did You Know????Top of Page

Check this out. Some very interesting facts.
Click on the picture!
Did you know? Logo

TED...Ideas worth spreadingTop of Page


I am sure many of you already know about TED but I thought it would be nice to pass it along for those of you that don't.There are some very thought provoking and well narrated lectures on this site. I hope it serves as a value to all of you in the classroom.

 There is a TED App on the AppleTV and a free App in iTunes for iPad and iPhone.  




 Google classroom logo
The wait is over !  Google releases Classroom earlier then expected due to the high demand.  I think many of you will appreciate the benefits to this new Google App for Education.  
Classroom won't be fully ready until the week of August 11th.  
That gives us plenty of time to explore the features and let the mind wander........I'm sorry....what was I saying ( my mind wandered ).
Hope you all enjoy as much I do.

Tips from Paul - Google APPS et alTop of Page

I have received a few questions in regards to saving files to Google Drive so I wanted to explain the simplest method to do with some pictures.
When in your email through a web browser, click on the 3 x 3 square checkerboard in the upper right portion of the screen.

From that menu click on Drive. On the next screen you will see a red Create button with an arrow. 

Click on the arrow to Upload. If using Chrome you can enable folder uploads or just simply search for the files you wish to upload.

That's it.  Obviously you can use any method you are most comfortable with.

The link below will answer everything you wanted to know about using Google Drive but were afraid to ask.

Please enjoy all the features Google has to offer.

Another little dose of Google information I thought many of you might find utilitarian. 
Google Scholar.
It is a more specific search engine pulling from scholarly literature, case studies, scientific journals, libraries and other closely related forums of intellectual documentation and clinical writings.

It's the same as running a Google search only the results are tailored to scholarly information.

Enjoy !

As I periodically do, here is a little more information on some wonderful tools everyone has access to through Google Apps for Education.  I am always a huge fan of free cool things. 

Ever wanted Microsoft Office on your home PC?  Now you do.  Just use Google Drive and you have the ability to created and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. 

QuickOffice is an App that allows you to open and edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint material on your iPhone or Android mobile device. 

Ever have the need to run a survey?  It's as easy as 1-2-3 and all the results get neatly tabulated in a spreadsheet for analysis.  Just use Forms.  Your beloved Helpdesk was created using Forms.

Lets not forget Sites.  Create your own website easily using one of the many templates provided. 

Don't forget, everyone person under the domain also has access 30Gb of storage through Google Drive.  All for free!  Store work files, photos, video's or anything else you want to keep safe and accessible from anywhere in the world via the beautiful Google cloud.
Any material created through Drive ( documents, spreadsheets, presentations ) do not use the allotted 30Gb.  So in essence you may have more then 30Gb worth of data safely stored.   Feel free to move your files from our file server to Drive.  This way you will have access to your files regardless of where you are.  Home, Work, Sochi......all you need is an Internet connection and they are all there.

Here are some more basics on all this:

I wouldn't sell that Google stock just yet.......

Paul Bzowski

What is The Cloud?Top of Page

 cloud white and blue

With most of us using Google' Drive/cloud storage I am often asked "Paul....What is the cloud?"

After I point up to the sky at a passing cumulus I then try and explain the technical side of it.

The NY Times actually had a nice article on it the other day which I am passing along. 
It's a good read and explains the popularity, vastness and power of cloud based technologies.

cloud with computers
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