MTSS: Multi-Tiered System of Supports

The Mission
Our Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Framework is a comprehensive system of evidence-based practices that address academic and social and emotional concerns of ALL students within a recursive and systematic problem-solving process.  Our MTSS Framework focuses on providing instruction and intervention to proactively meet the needs of ALL children.


MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered System of Supports. MTSS is an instructional framework that includes universal screening of all students, multiple tiers of instruction and support services, and an integrated data collection and assessment system to inform decisions at each tier of instruction. The framework can be used for, but is not limited to literacy, math, and positive behavior supports.

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  • MTSS encompasses RtI, SEL, and PBIS.

  • MTSS addresses academic as well as the social, emotional, and behavioral development of children from early childhood to graduation.

  • MTSS provides multiple levels of support for all learners (struggling through advanced).

  • MTSS aligns resources and supports for students receiving instruction AND for teachers and other support staff who are delivering the instruction such as programs and materials.

  • MTSS framework is an educational systems change paradigm continuously focused on overall school improvement that is sustainable.

  • MTSS models strive to ensure that practices, policies, and programs are aligned on classroom, school, and district levels.

  • MTSS produces benefits from continued support for teachers in delivering instruction, utilizing and developing effective curriculum, administering assessments, and using data to guide instruction.

  • MTSS requires a greater focus on collaboration between general education and special education within each school as well as between the school and the district office and to some degree, changes the way that they have traditionally worked together to include a more collaborative and cohesive culture.

  • MTSS is more likely to produce professional development that is aligned across school and district settings.
MTSS Steering Committee
The MTSS Steering Committee meets consistently throughout the school year and is composed of members from all school and district stakeholder groups and each school is represented.  These members include school psychologists and counselors, social workers, principals, general and special education teachers, school and district student support coordinators, and the director and assistant director of special services. The primary purpose and function of the Committee is to review the MTSS Framework collaboratively, revise as needed, provide input and suggestions, vote on changes to the Framework, and guide the direction of districtwide MTSS implementation.
MTSS Steering Committee Members
Keri Autiello, Rayna Ciano, Samuel Crooks, Sandra Delack, Louise Denham, Kristen Falcone, Sandra Farone,
Kerri Fortin, Janet Griffith, Deana Lavoie, Linda Marandola, Dr. Sally Mitchell, Robert Rocchio, Karen Ross,
Michelle Smith, Nancianne Smith, Jill Souza, Donna Vendetti
MTSS Subcommittee
The MTSS Subcommittee is composed of a group of school psychologists, counselors, social workers, student support coordinators, and the director and assistant director of special services who meet throughout the school year. The scope of the work done by this group includes designing, developing, reviewing, and revising MTSS systems, practices, procedures, and protocols.  Each member of this group provides input and suggestions unique to their respective roles in the district.  The perspectives of all members of the committee is valued and necessary.
MTSS Subcommittee Members
Dr. Sally Mitchell, Janet Griffith, Samuel Crooks, Jennifer D'Artista, Kerri Fortin, Deana Lavoie,
Brian Rathier, Robert Rocchio, Jody Wilson
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