Substance Abuse Prevention

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The Johnston coalition was founded by several substance abuse coalition coordinators. OSPA's (Ocean State Prevention Alliance) main focus right now is Marijuana. As we have learned from several studies conducted nationally: 2.4 million youth and teens from age 12 to 20 use marijuana, 64% of Seniors said that smoking regularly (during the week) is not harmful, and 3,287 teens smoke marijuana for the first time. In the past OSPA produced three marijuana banners which addressed marijuana as it is addictive, it effects your learning and is not safe for driving.  We hung those up in the school cafeterias. 

The only way students will make better choices about marijuana is to be educated about the risks and for us to continue to raise parent awareness. This year OSPA developed 6 flyers which are attached to “educate” parents and raise awareness.  Please click on each flyer and read about what parents can do to help.




 For more information contact:


Patricia Sweet, BA, CPS
Director of Youth Prevention
Tri-Town Community Action Agency
33 Maple Ave, North Providence, RI



Click on each picture to read the flyer.
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