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Classroom is a free web-based platform that integrates your Google Apps for Education account with all your Google Apps services, including Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized.

Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom.

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30 Ways to Use Chromebooks in Schools

Looking for ideas on how to use the Chromebooks in your classroom? Here are a few for you.

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Google Classroom Basics

Steps to create a Google Classroom Account:

(Educators and students MUST use their school domain email account-NOT or a personal email. Example- ).

1.Log on to

2. Select I’m a teacher.

3. Create your first class. Give your class a name and section if desired. You can add as many classes as needed by clicking the + in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Once a class is created you can add specifics by clicking the about tab in the top banner. (Suggestion is to take mini tour provided by Google first time you create class)

5. You can also add a co-teacher from the about tab.

6. Upload a theme for each class if desired.(On top right of screen in each class)

7. Use the student tab to allow students to comment on class or not allow comments. Default is to allow.

8. If you would like guardians to be able to view assignments and due dates select students and deselect (default is on) send student summaries. Parents can choose daily or weekly updates. Parents will need class code to join. (Not available because we have a closed domain)

Steps for students to join a class:

  1. Students log on to: using school email address.

  2. Select I’m a student.

  3. Educator gives students the code to their class.

Steps to add assignments to Classroom:

  1. Select a class and open

  2. Click the + symbol in the lower right of screen and select assignment type.

  3. Teachers can add an assignment from Drive, Docs, Word, add a link, or Youtube video.

  4. You must title the assignment.

  5. It is advisable to convert a word document to a drive document prior to upload to classroom. (Open drive and select New then choose file or folder upload)

  6. Select a due date and/or time. Also can group assignments by topic.

  7. Select additional classes to assign the assignment if desired (under Post in).

  8. Select send a copy to each student.

  9. Assign the work or schedule for later date or save as a draft in drop down tab next to assignments.

  10. Additional features- Create a question (exit slip), Create an announcement or reuse a previous assignment from an archived class.

Turning in an assignment:

  1. Students click the blue turn in button when complete.

  2. Educators will see students done and students not done for each assignment.

  3. Teachers can grade and send assignment to student with comments.

  4. If a student needs to re-do or update an assignment they will need to unsubmit the assignment PRIOR to a teacher sending the assignment back.

  5. Teachers can upload the grades from classroom to Google Sheets or a csv file.

Advantages for educators:

  1. Easy to use and accessible from all devices.

  2. Effective communication and sharing
    One of the greatest advantages of Google Classroom is Google Docs; these documents are saved online and can be shared with a limitless number of people, so when you create an announcement or assignment using a Google doc, your learners can access it immediately through their Google Drive, as long as you have shared it with them. Furthermore, Google Docs are easily organized and personalized in Google Drive folders. In other words, you no longer need emails to share information; you just create a document, share it with as many learners as you want.

     3. Speeds up the assignment process.

       How about creating an assignment and distributing it with just a click of a   

       button? And how about learners turning in the completed assignment in a matter   

       of seconds? Assignment process has never been quicker and more effective, as  

       in Google Classroom you can easily check who has submitted their assignment  

       and who is still working on it, as well as offer your feedback immediately.

    4. Effective feedback.

     Classroom gives you the opportunity to offer your online support to your

      learners right away; this means that feedback becomes more effective, as fresh

      comments and remarks have bigger impact on learners’ minds.

    5. No need for paper
There might be a day that grading papers would be impossible to imagine;
Google Classroom is certainly interested in getting there as soon as possible. By centralizing materials
       in one cloud-based location, you have the ability 
to go paperless and stop worrying about printing,
       handing out, or even losing 
your learners’ work!

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