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Dear Parents:

I am pleased to announce that you and your children in grades 3-12 will have the opportunity to give feedback about your children’s school through SurveyWorks, a statewide survey that asks you questions about the learning environment of schools. In a time where testing is all around us, this is your chance to let the school know what you think – so that schools in turn can learn how to improve the learning environment for your children. This year, we have decided to focus on learning in the schools – and have taken out sensitive questions about drug and alcohol abuse and sexual activity. We hope that this will encourage more students to take the survey. Topics on the survey include:

School Safety

School Climate

Learning Strategies

Learning Behaviors

Valuing of School

Rigorous Expectations

Family Support

Family Engagement

School Engagement

Teacher-Student Relationships


To see the actual surveys, visit SurveyWorks at Surveyworks.ride.ri.gov. As in previous years, all surveys are anonymous and taking the survey is voluntary.  

Students will take the survey in their schools between January 16th and March 31st, 2017. Parents will be able to take the survey from home between February 6th and March 31st, 2017. Please look for more information from your school and district in the coming weeks. All surveys are available in English and Spanish. Accommodations will be offered as necessary.

Thank you for helping to make our schools better for all students and I wish you all a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Peg Votta


What Parents Need to Know


SurveyWorks’ Student Perception Survey

What Parents Need to Know


This year we are administering a SurveyWorks’ student perception survey. The questions in the survey will ask your child to give his/her thoughts about his/her teacher and learning experiences.  The goal is for teachers to use student survey results to become even better teachers.


What this means for your child and other students

Your child should know that his/her voice and classroom experiences matter.  The student survey is a way for your child to communicate his/her thoughts to teachers without any negative consequences.  The survey results will be anonymous. Teachers will not receive student names with their survey results.


What this means to you as a parent

We know that having a great teacher is the most important school-based factor in your child’s success.  The student survey is one of many tools our school district can use to provide teachers with feedback to help them improve.  Schools will be stronger and your child’s teachers will be better. Ultimately, your child’s learning will improve, too.


What this means for teachers and schools

The purpose of a Student Perception Survey is to provide educators with more feedback about how they can improve in order to increase student learning. Common practice in teacher evaluation is for principals to observe a teacher instructing a lesson and to provide her/him with feedback on strengths and weaknesses. While this principal feedback helps teachers improve their instruction, teachers can improve even more when given information from students who are in their classrooms every day.

The surveys are not designed to measure whether students like or dislike their teacher.  Rather, the focus is on how teachers and the classroom environment help students learn.


How can I learn more?

Visit the Rhode Island Department of Education’s website at surveyworks.ride.ri.gov to learn more about the Student Perception Survey and to see the questions being asked on the survey.


JHS Graduation Portfolio Dates 2016 - 2017


Kindergarten Registration 2017-2018 School Year


Johnston Public Schools

Kindergarten Registration

School Year 2017-2018


      Please note that ALL KINDERGARTEN registration will take place at the Early Childhood Center.

You may call the Early Childhood Center to make an appointment to register your child beginning the week of February 13, 2017.  In order to expedite the process, please print these registration forms at home and have them filled out in advance.

To schedule a Kindergarten registration appointment:

Call:                   233-0054 x. 2460

Time:                 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Registration dates are as follows:

Saturday, March 4          8:30 am-2:00 pm

Wednesday, April 12       8:30 am-2:00 pm

Saturday, May 13            8:30 am-2:00 pm

Wednesday, June 7        8:30 am-2:00 pm

Child Outreach Screening and Kindergarten Registration

All children entering Kindergarten must be screened prior to entering Kindergarten. If your child has not been screened this school year, please call the Johnston Public Schools Child Outreach Office at (401) 231-8790 x. 2502 to schedule an appointment. 

NOTE: Child Outreach Screening is also available for 3, 4, 5 year old children who are not yet entering Kindergarten. We encourage you to have your child screened every year starting at age 3. 

Substitute Teaching and Substitute Staffing

We have partnered with Source4Teachers to manage our substitute program. If you are interested in working as a substitute for our district, please visit the Source4Teachers website to apply or call 877.983.2244 for more information.

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